Clash Royale Gems increasing hack Tutorial GamingToday

Clash Royale Hack Cheats Gems increasing hack Tutorial GamingToday

you hey guys! . what’s going on? my name is eclipse .

today  i have probably one of these strangest articles that will ever go up on my channel. just based off the title .  thumbnail. i can guarantee you there are going to be some kids in the comment section already typing oh my god click make like make like BAE unsub dislike . . on . . forth but the strange thing about this is this article is actually legit. where do we get started there is the streamer over on Twitch .  the other day he did a massive jamming livestream he gem from a level 3 all the way until the max level. he gem from level 3 to level 13 in one stream .  throughout the entire duration of the stream he spent over 2 million gems. 2 million gems in u.s. dollars is over $14,000. this crazy guy you’re seeing right here spent over 14,000 dollars on one stream what .  before he can show you . any gameplay from his livestream. i have some good news .  some bad news. the good news is. i got some footage from his livestream but it was from the very end of his stream .  then the bad news is. i did not actually get any footage from the beginning of his livestream. that means. i never actually got to screenshot him having the two million gems . . i tried going on reddit google the forms YouTube. i pretty much tried searching everywhere .  no one else has made any topics about this.. i don’t know if . im  the first one or who knows maybe there is some other post hidden somewhere deep in the internet but. i tried searching . . i couldn’t find anything on top of me not being able to find anything on Google usually whenever you livestream it saves your previous broadcast. people can re-watch it if they missed it but the streamer didn’t actually have that set up. what does this mean you might be asking yourself well when he ended the Clash Royale Hack Cheats Gems it didn’t save the stream to his twitch profile instead it just completely discarded it. not only is this entire your stream completely erased from the internet we don’t even have the beginning of the stream. these links are helpful use this   and see about     clash royle hack generator no survey android ios  this and –  and

i couldn’t find the beginning of this live stream why should you believe me well this was this dude’s first dream .  in one stream like his first ever stream he managed to get 800 followers over 7700 views .  he was the number one streamer on clash Royale. this is his first time ever streaming .  he was pretty much just killing the game .  it kind of does suck that. i couldn’t find the beginning of this stream anywhere but hopefully you . can trust me on this one literally being the number one stream or your first time is pretty much something no one ever does. the fact that he was number one kind of just provides a bit more proof that you know he actually did have two million gems now for some background who is this guy most of you are probably wondering that well his name is know about wisdom caca .

im  not too sure if this guy is a top player but I’ll leave a link to his twitch in the description below. i mean that’s the least. i can do right. let’s just get right into some gameplay I’ve been ranting for too long now let’s get into the cool part because . im  sure you all want to see the footage. i do have. right here boom he has three hundred thous.  gems ye.  right three hundred thous.  gems that alone is crazy enough .  the fact that he had two million before this just absolutely blows my mind. rate here he’s pretty much just upgrading all of his cards he has every single card ready to go to max but he just doesn’t have the gold. he keeps frequently going to the shop .  he buys like 500,000 gold or a million gold . im  not too sure how much gold he can buy at once but you see he’s just sitting there spamming gold to upgrade his cards .  then later on in the stream now this is like five minutes after he is a hundred seventy thous.  gems. he pretty much like cut his gems in half ish .  now he’s officially a max level in the previous. i clip. i was just showing he was still a level 12 but literally in like five minutes he’s now a max level 13 he has every single card upgraded accept his Legendary’s but his Legendary’s are still level 4 .  he still has over a hundred seventy thous.  gems. pretty much maxing out at this point. i don’t think we’ll be too hard .

then after this he just did some live battles .  then. i kind of shut off the stream because. i had to edit but just based on everything I’ve showed you what the hell this dude is pretty much insane or use the clash Royale god this guy either has millions .  millions .  millions of dollars or he just has terrible money management. i mean if you’re a millionaire .  you can afford to blow your money on things you want to then that’s cool go . ead but if this dude is just wasting is like anti your bank account on this shit . im  honestly surprised .  that’s pretty much everything.

i do have to say for this article that. i underst.  this article is probably a bit short but. i just kind of wanted to cut  Clash Royale Hack Cheats Gems .  get to the point. if you . enjoyed this article if you thought it was interesting or anything like that please give the article a like below also please comment your thoughts on this article what is your whole take on this situation like do you think this guy’s an idiot do you think it’s cool like. i just want to know what you . have to say because as I’ve been saying throughout this entire article . im  a bit shocked .  if you . do not already follow me on Twitter please do. my name is at it’s eclipse .  my Twitter link is in the description as always. . this has been eclipse. i really hope you . enjoy today’s article .  peace out dang left at home .